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About Melony

Melony Bell

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Born in Winter Haven, Melony was the only Mincey girl growing up alongside three brothers, so she learned to fight for her rights from an early age.

When Melony was a young girl her family moved to Satellite Beach. There her father Ronald, a Korean War Veteran, was employed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center as a missile mechanic for McDonald Douglas Corporation. Though her family had moved, they did not lose touch with their Polk County roots, making frequent visits home to see family and friends. In 1975 the family was able to return to Ft. Meade when her father was offered a job at one of the local phosphate mines.

Melony was in the ninth grade and very glad to be back where her heart had always been. Not long after the family’s return, Melony fell in love with Robbie Bell. He was her high-school sweetheart and she and Robbie were married in 1981. Robbie is a bee farmer and is very familiar with the day-to-day struggles and worries of our agricultural community. He also served Fort Meade for many years as a volunteer fire fighter before becoming a fulltime county fire fighter in 2000.

Melony can trace her Hancock ancestry in Polk County all the way back to the 1830’s. In fact, one of her relatives held a seat on the first-ever Polk County Board of County Commissioners.

Not only does Melony have deep roots in Polk County, but she also has a vested interest in Polk’s future. Ashley Bell Barnett is the older of the Bells’ two daughters. Ashley received her Bachelor’s Degree in 2006 and is employed with the Polk County School Board. Whitnie Bell is a student at Polk State College.

Melony recognizes that both the heritage and family values of Polk must be preserved while we pursue jobs and opportunities that will keep our talented young people here at home and contributing to our workforce and tax base.

As a newly elected Ft. Meade City Commissioner she had to fight against higher taxes, wasteful spending, and plenty of special interests; Melony will fought just as hard for all of Polk County. She continues to fight against bigger government and wasteful spending.

When times get tough she gets tougher, putting her devotion, determination, and sincere commitment to conservative principles to work for the people of Polk County. Throughout her first term as a proud, effective Polk County Commissioner, Melony Bell led with integrity and passion. Melony has listened to us, holding town hall meetings in every town in Polk County. She is a full-time team player who established a more business-friendly environment that has incentivized job creation and a growing economy. And she’s accomplished this during the most difficult economic times this county has seen in decades.

Melony Bell is the right leader we need on the Polk County Commission.